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What is Marketlify?

Allows you to create marketing websites using a drag and drop page builder. Export & publish your website!

Who is Wynter Jones?

Founder of Marketlify and software developer with 15 years of experience in the digital marketing space.

Let's learn how to use Marketlify to create a website, add a page, design your page and deploy to a web host. You can watch the video above where I quickly go over how I created this page using the editor.

#1 - Creating Your Website

You can create a new website in a few seconds. Just click "New Website" inside your Marketlify account and you can give it a name and you are good to go!

You can also connect your website to a Web Host or Auto Responder Integration.

Marketlify - Create New Website

In your free account you can create up to 10 websites for free. Create your account to follow along with the tutorial.

#2 - Add a New Page

You can add up to 25 pages in a free account. Adding new pages is super simple. Just give it a name and optionally add it to a folder.

Once you create a page you can edit the Meta Data, path name and more.

If you want to deep link i.e. you can use Folders. You can add as many pages as you want to a folder. If you want to make a page the Root page of a folder just name it "index" and it will appear as the root for that folder.

#3 - Editing Meta Data

It's important to edit the Title, Description and add a Social Image for when your page gets shared and indexed on Google.

In the Website Settings you can change the Favicon PNG file so your website stands out inside the users browser tab bar.

Marketlify - Editing Meta Data

#4 - Using the Page Builder

You can quickly design your page any time you want. Just click the button to open the editor and start building.

Like most page builders, Marketlify follows a grid like pattern.

You have Blocks which are sections which contain Rows.

Rows contain one or more Columns.

Each Column can be have any amount of elements inside of it.

You can also add Containers inside of Columns so you can group elements inside of one Column.

Hope that's not confusing! It makes sense once you are adapt to using modern page builders.

Marketlify - Download as Zip

#4 - Export and Deploy Your Website

If you have a Netlify, Vercel or Amazon S3 account you can add your API details to connect and deploy your website on those platforms.

We recommend Netlify for web host. It's free and the premium plan offers you plenty of great features.

You can also export your website to .ZIP which you can then upload to any FTP web host you want! That means you own what you create.

You can jump into Marketlify and create a website and export it and host it yourself!

#5 - Connecting Auto Responder

You can connect MailChimp, GetResponse (more coming soon) to your web pages to start collecting emails leads.

Important Note: If you use Auto-Responder on your page, Marketlify will be required to process and redirect your users to the proper page. Their Name and Email will be visible in your Marketlify account to export and manage.

Marketlify - Connect Auto Responder

#6 - Create Your Account

Create your free Marketlify account today and check out what we have to offer. This tutuorial only is the beginning. There are 10+ elements to use on your pages, clean and fast rendered HTML pages and a bunch of cool features we have yet to explore!

Thanks for reading!

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