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By Wynter Jones, Founder of

Posted June 11th, 2021

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Who is Wynter Jones?

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In this blog post I want to share with you what I think the owner of, Sam Ovens and how he markets himself and courses online.

If you haven't heard of him than you are probably not in the Internet Marketing community. I say this because he will re-target you on Facebook Ads for years.

Which is why his work is interesting to explore. He is bringing millions of impressions with paid traffic. Therefore how his marketing pages are design is actually quite informative.

The Key to High Converting Design

... is simplicity!

Keeping it simple is a great way to create focus on the important parts of the web page. For us in the marketing community, the CTA (call-to-action) is THE most important part of any page.

A visitor must be able to make a decision on how to proceed with your marketing message quickly. Other wise the decision they will make after clicking your ad is to leave.

Let's Take a Peak at

This domain must have cost a fortune. Login Page

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate and I have not actually bought or seen the real products that his company sells and provides.

It appears that his numerous courses are available through one portal at This keeps it simple and straight forward for his customers to access the variety of content and products in one place.

Video Training Courses

Think Kajabi or Teachable. A clean interface with lessons seperated into categories that go in a top down style. Watch videos in a A-to-Z format. Which is most likely in high quality.

However this is not a review.

Even this login page is illustrating a point in design. The background has a photo of Sam Ovens in a very popular ad. Most likely the first image a user has seen of him. Now here is he again. Creating familiarity in an unfamiliar place.

Consulting Accelerator

It appears that all of the different programs on the site follow the same checkout process that consists of a few core elements.

  • Headline

  • Informative Sub Headline

  • Product Image

  • Sign up Form

  • Social Proof (testimonials)

  • Bullet Points

All the essentials needed for a "back of the box" experience where you are getting just the information you need to continue on in the process. There is nothing on these pages that could be removed. This is the place we want to get to as designers where all useless parts are removed and every part has a purpose.

BTW ~ Sam Ovens LOVES Testimonials

There is no doubt about after looking at that there are literally hundreds of 20-60 second videos of people giving their testimonial. This must have a compound effect on conversions. Every new lead, new sale, becomes a new testimonial which drives even more new leads and new sales.

One Sneaky Interesting Technique

The real reason I am writing this blog post about Sam Ovens is not because I am a particularly huge fan. What caught my attention was an ad they promoted where you land on a survey page.

The moment you click on anything inside the survey it will go full screen. This is the same code that happens when making a video full screen on YouTube. It's pretty interesting and first time I have seen that used.

Making Money with Courses - Sam Ovens

Keep the email opt-in page extremely simple.

As you can see this page is literally just Headline, Bullet List, Video Thumbnail and Button. The button does open a pop up where you can actually sign up. The video also triggers the popup and you watch the video after signing up.

If you have a video on your opt-in page it is worth trying a test where you put that video behind a simple opt-in page and continue your funnel from there.


Overall I find the design for to be very informative and inspirational. Keeping it simple and consistant among a vast variety of marketing campaigns that all fit nicely in one course.

It's also important to note that the majority of Sam Ovens marketing pages are made using the ClickFunnels page editor. So for me it is cool to see the simple and effective pages he made.

Hope you learned something and inspired to make your marketing pages simpler.

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