Development Log #3

Posted on June 19th, 2021

What is Marketlify?

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Who is Wynter Jones?

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You can watch live development on the public trello board.

This update is almost all about the Dynamic Block Templates. In the process the base Block Templates have also been updated.

Here's what was completed:

In the Dev Log #3 here's whats been moved to the "Done" board on Trello.

  1. Export Contacts to CSV in ZIP

  2. (fix) Template preview is blank

  3. (fix) Template / block editor exit not working

  4. (fix) Save Screenshot on Save for Templates / Block Template

  5. (fix) Block template preview image broken

  6. Dynamic Block Templates

  7. Make unique id when saving block template

  8. Block add name when saving and show name

  9. Delete Dynamic Block in Editor

  10. Clone Page & Clone Website

  11. Website re-render ability in Publish options

Image Alt Title

In this update I have made the "RenderHTML.js" file that takes the JSON data from the page and turn it into static HTML code accessible to the app outside of the editor. This is easy as it's just an ES6 import.

The app is using StimulusJS and StimulusReflex to run the JavaScript in the main app. Inside the editor it is using VueJS. So this means theres quite a difference between how you deal with a "click" event in the two.

I've added a "Re-render Website" option for each website. This will render the HTML for every page in the website. This is only useful if you have Dynamic Block Templates on multiple pages and that DBT has changes you want to publish on those pages.

I know this isn't super clear and not the best user experience. However it is works so far for me. I've also included management for Blocks and included a Block Editor which allows you edit just the block itself.

Had to limit the editor features inside the Block Editor. Later will need to add a Dark/Light mode since right now can make it hard to edit if your block is not using a solid background.

Also included the ability to Clone your websites and pages. This is important in case you have a live website and want to try new features. Just clone your website and try out anything new!

That's what I did (haha) it's always good to have a back up ready.

Check back to the site soon for a Tutorial video that explains how Dynamic Block Templates work.

I am happy to bring this update as the Marketlify website needs a Header and Footer that can be updated/edited in one place and update any changes any where it is used. This is exactly why I created Dynamic Block Templates.

Thanks so much for reading!

More updates coming soon and every thing is documented on the public trello board.

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