Development Log #1

Posted on June 13th, 2021

What is Marketlify?

Allows you to create marketing websites using a drag and drop page builder. Export & publish your website!

Who is Wynter Jones?

Founder of Marketlify and software developer with 15 years of experience in the digital marketing space.

What is the development log?

Easy way to keep anyone interested in Marketlify updated on the progress made. Hopefully over the next few months we can look back at this version and think it is nothing compared Marketlify 2.0

As I build out Marketlify and complete the tasks on the public trello board. I am going to record my screen and create a round up blog post. This will help keep me motivated to continue to work on Marketlify. The bonus is I will get some content for the blog website.

Later on I will add audio of me talking and describing what I am doing. For now I am just going to speed up the footage and play some music I purchased from AudioJungle.

Here's what was completed:

In the Dev Log #1 here's whats been moved to the "Done" board on Trello.

  1. Contacts color UI

  2. Images have Link Option

  3. Font Family CSS Issue

  4. Polish gradient picker + button issue

  5. Sitemap mod_date make to created_at

  6. Links Inside of Text Editor

  7. Add Robots.txt for Sitemap

  8. Prose Style Settings

  9. Body Link Color

  10. Add flag to show admin templates

Most of these were pretty simple and just cover the basics. In the future I will be writing tests and refactoring the code as much as possible. Some areas of the code are cleaner than others.

Let's discuss some of the changes

I've added the ability to add "public" to admin templates. At the moment there aren't very many templates. However that is on the agenda to create some soon. Also on the public Trello board.

I had this set to any template I made in my account to automatically show as templates for users. Which is not very helpful to see my testing templates!

I've added ability to pick a global Link Color for your page. This works in conjunction with adding Links to the Prose element. The prose element is used for writing long rich text. Like this blog post you are reading.

I've added simple Robots.txt file just to point to the /sitemap.xml if you've provided a domain for your website. Right now Marketlify does not handle your custom domain. You must use Netlify or another platform.

Also fixed some UI issues and made it so that Images can now also be links!

That's about it for this update.

Thanks for reading!

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